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" Time Is Now will whip dance floors into fenzies. Oojami may be focusing a little more on his songwriting craft, but these are songs that will still have your hands in the air."
Songlines Feb 2011
“While others have totally missed the point and tried to squeeze these complex sounds between pedestrian house and breakbeats, Oojami allowed it to breathe between the beats…rates this man as one of the best in the business…has proved that global fusion or world beat, or whatever else you want to call it can be done successfully, and as a genre is far from finished.”
(Rhythms Magazine – Australia)
“It was probably the best ‘world groove’ event that we’ve ever produced.”
(Small World – Canada)
“Brilliant musical fabric.”
“Similar to that of the Gotan Project and St Germain, but instead of tango or jazz he’s adapting his own musical heritage.”
(The Guardian)
“Musical style is unique. Weird and wonderful entertainment”
(The Evening Standard)
“Bring the smile to the dial and wiggle to the hips.”
“Impossible to define but utterly irresistible.”
“A truly exciting cultural crossover.”
“A big, bouncing, face-licking dog of a record, put together with an excited childlike enthusiasm which overflows out of every track…”
(The Wire)
“Every track is a distinctive combination of avant thought and primal beats, crunched into a singularly vivid musical experience.”
“West meets East in North London on this tasty ménage of UK beats and Turkish sounds.”
(Music Week)
“A pulsating blast from the global jukebox.”
(The Observer-UK)
“A thrillingly frentic, rootsy yet hard-edged sound.”
(Time Out-UK)